Love Alchemy 

” Every relationship journeys to the crossroads of transformation. The power to  transform  your relationship is in your heart; you only need the courage to open it.  It is time to stop for a moment and move deeply into each other – to meet, to share, to love. This is eternity, the true essence of love, where ego disappears and only the magic of love remains. This is the gift of life you have been longing for, the relationship you have always dreamed of is within you.  Stop creating distractions of the heart and look beyond the veil of suffering and you will find a heart full of gold.”

Through my own personal life journey, accompanied by years of traditional and non-traditional training, I have learnt and experienced many things.  But none more important than the basic human nature we have longed for since the beginning of time. And that is to feel connected, to feel loved and to feel as if we belong to something, someone, somewhere.

My life purpose is to assist you to reconnect with yourself and your partner, to help you move deeply into each other on every level, through awareness and understanding of the truth of what love is and what it really means to be truly loved from within.

When we let go of the illusion of  what love should be or should look like, then we let go of any expectations we have placed on the relationship. When we let go of the expectations, we let go of the suffering we create. In order to find peace in the relationship and within yourself,  you first must understand why there is suffering, where it has manifested, how it was created and through changing the way we perceive love should be, you learn to love what is through compassion, kindness and acceptance. For in the acceptance you will see into the heart of your partner, connect deeply into each other and truly understand the way of love, and how you both choose to experience it.

When we let go of the expectations, we let go of the suffering we create.  Isn’t it time you allowed yourself the grace to open up to the magic of love. Let’s journey together into the inner immersion of feeling connected so you can truly experience the joy of LOVE ALCHEMY and connect to the divinity within.

Mel X