Love Alchemist


A Journey Into Love – I have travelled many roads, studied traditional and non traditional methods, experienced many personal challenges, including flatlining in a car accident, being physically assaulted more than once and being involved in an explosion.  All of my life’s journey’s have only strengthened me with courage and persistence to learn more about life’s offerings.  At the age of 16 I wanted to learn more about love and why love eluded so many of us.

I decided from a young age that we were all a little confused when it came to matters of the heart.  We all long to be loved by another, yet we spend more time pushing people away, through unconscious fears.  It was through my curiousity to find the truth about love, that I began my study and now some 30 years later, I have more understanding than I ever thought possible and at times a little more bewildered and in awe of love’s greatness.

After experiencing the depth of true love, I have a deep appreciation for loves magic, loves beauty and loves profound effect to heal and move beyond any limitation that holds you back from truly experiencing life.  There are many aspects to creating conscious relationships, but none more profound than the opportunity to open your heart to change.  I believe that any relationship you share gives you many opportunities to evolve and grow into the best person you can possibly be, for yourself, your partner, your friends and family.  I believe that your relationship will be one of the greatest paths you will ever walk in life, and the only way to bring about positive change in the relationships we share is to hold the mirror up closely and allow yourself to see the truth, let the reflection be your greatest teacher

“When you have experienced a state of bliss and the connection between mind, body and Spirit, you realise that you have created harmony within your life and loving what is, truly is a wonderful experience of being you.”

I am a fully qualified Relationship Counsellor/Coach and Master Life Coach with Advanced Diploma’s in both.   I have a Diploma in Energetic Medicine, Sexual Shamanic Practices with Doctorate in Spirituality. I am a fully qualified Tantric Healer/Teacher and a devoted lover of the Divine.  But more importantly I am a Mother, friend, sister, mystic lover and spirited woman who is passionate about connecting to the miracle of life, love and spirit.

Mel X