Hello Beautiful Soul,

Thank you for taking the time to venture through these pages.

Exploring the pages of my website is like having a direct link to my soul.  Everything that I offer my readers and clients are expressions of my heart guided by passion, life experiences and education.

Perhaps, because of the experiences I have had, I am not afraid to talk about SEX.  For many of us this can be quite confronting but as a SEX EDUCATOR it is important to initiate discussions around all things SEX and PLEASURE.  Without the expression of pleasure in our lives, we become void of passion and purpose, somewhat lifeless and empty to the joy of life.

I am an Internationally Published Author of “Moments of Grace” and Buddha In The Bedroom.  I have made regular appearances on National Television with Good Morning Australia; The Kerrie-Anne Show and ABC Radio.  As well as writing for Australian wide publications such as Cosmopolitan, White, Blackrose and Insight Magazine, I regularly contributed to online platforms such as In-Shape News, Mouths Of Mums and Relationship Works.  Plus, I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), in 2014 and Dr Ava Cardell.

I began my journey of study well over 30 years ago and I am in a constant state of appreciation and at times in awe and bewilderment of the profound affect to heal and move beyond any limitations through the expression of pleasure. I am a Mother, a Soul Sister, a Mystic Lover of the Divine, Author, Writer and a challenger of the stigma’s, judgements, criticisms and limiting beliefs, society places upon our right to choose for ourselves, no matter the path we take.

I am endorsed by formal education in Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy incorporating practices such as Buddhism and Tantra. My qualifications also include a Doctorate in Spiritual Ministry and Sexual Shamanism, Sexologist with Advanced Diploma’s in Counselling and Life Coaching, which are instrumental in my success as an Author, Writer and Guide.

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If you would like to connect with Mel about speaking, workshops and written works, please reach out and connect to the mobile 0401083232.