Hello Beautiful Soul,

Thank you for taking the time to venture through these pages.

Surprisingly, I am both artistic and practical which to some is a bit of an oxymoron.

In the wee hours of the morning when everyone is still sleeping, the words come and speak to me.  I write all I intuit down and in the appropriate moment the words are shared.  These passages are delivered with such a spirit of love and profound wisdom that worldly sentiments can never deliver. My writing is tempered with this influence and my words reach deep into the soul and bring tears of understanding and recognition.

Perhaps, because of my life experiences, revealed in my fourth book ‘The Accidental Slut’, I am not afraid to appreciate and mention the beauty I see in others.  For many of us this can be quite confronting being told how much we are appreciated for being who we are, but I know it is important for each individual to know that they are seen.  And the freedom to speak of love is both refreshing and enabling – in that you are then gifted with the same sense of freedom to up-lift another – and that can only be good!

I have definitely had my share of adversities, but they have only added to my depth of wisdom and allowed me to trust my intuition when dealing with the pains of those who come to me.  I am able to see the shadow and light of life, which makes it exceptional when expressing from the heart.  

“Melissa is someone who will always speak to the truth of life,

so be prepared!”

Mel is an Internationally Published Author of “Moments of Grace” and Buddha In The Bedroom.  She has made regular appearances on National Television with Good Morning Australia; The Kerrie-Anne Show and ABC Radio.  As well as writing for Australian wide publications such as Cosmopolitan, White, Blackrose and Insight Magazine, she regularly contributed to online platforms such as In-Shape News, Mouths Of Mums and Relationship Works.  Plus, she has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), in 2014 and Dr Ava Cardell.

I began my journey of study well over 30 years ago and I am in a constant state of appreciation and at times in awe and bewilderment of the profound affect to heal and move beyond any limitations through expression. I am a Mother, a Soul Sister, a Mystic Lover of the Divine, Author, Writer and a challenger of the stigma’s, judgements, criticisms and limiting beliefs, society places upon our right to choose for ourselves, no matter the path we take.

I have a very strong passion for writing and expressing and I am always happy and intrigued to see what has poured from my heart in my latest offerings.

Mel is a wordsmith with a rich and luxurious vocabulary that can take you through pleasure, pain and divine bliss while delivering her message or story.

A fertile mind, heart and soul combined with a natural inherent talent combines well and allows Mel to move people with her words.’

I am endorsed by formal education in Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy incorporating practices such as Buddhism and Tantra. My qualifications also include a Doctorate in Spiritual Ministry and Sexual Shamanism, with Advanced Diploma’s in Counselling and Life Coaching, which are instrumental in my success as a writer.  

Mel is passionate about empowering others to transform their lives. Her desire to educate and transform old conditioning assists couples and individuals to move beyond the beliefs that limit their potential for a love-filled life.  Mel has a way of guiding you and helping you understand why your life is at crossroads and how to alchemise it into a sacred union that moves you beyond your expectations.  Take time to learn from this true professional, it maybe the one thing that can save your life.