Incredibly at ease in front of an audience, Mel is skilled in presenting. She is engaging, intuitive, funny and inspiring, and her material is profound. Mel has a way of leaving the audience wanting more even when some topics can be confronting. She has a magical way of making people feel at ease and comfortable, as she talks about the taboo’s of LOVE, SEX, + RELATIONSHIPS, dispelling myths, and leaving the audience in awe. You leave feeling, entertained and enlightened. 

Mel has inspired 1000’s of people to realign with themselves. With her 30 something years of experience, Mel is dedicated to a life of awakening and disabling the stigma’s attached to both women and men around SEX and PLEASURE.

She has ineffable style, humour and grace when she speaks and Mel will open the audiences mind to rethinking their long held beliefs, judgements and perceptions.

Mel has created a series of topics that are sure to get tongues wagging.

Here are some of Mel’s most popular HOT TOPICS.

Why Women Close Their Legs, and Men Have Affairs.

Divalishous – Honouring the Orgasmic Women Within.

The Accidental Slut.

Mel’s experience as a Keynote Speaker, extends through the Corporate World, Festivals, Seminars, Retreats, Podcasts and Intimate Gatherings.  She is more than happy to create a keynote presentation specifically for your audience.  Don’t be shy, reach out and connect for Mel to speak at your next event…She’d LOVE to hear from you.

Mel has been featured in:

If you would like to connect with Mel about speaking, workshops and written works, please reach out and connect to the mobile 0401083232.