Mel Cooper

  • De-Programming The Stigma

    WARNING: The wording may upset some, but I am asking you to open your hearts with understanding and compassion. Women over time have been and continue to be stereotyped and put into a box by applying double standards and misogynistic beliefs from a need to control what we don’t understand, or what we don’t want […]

  • Sacred Menopause

    I was excited to reach another milestone in my life, turning 40.  Considering I believed I wouldn’t live past 30, I was chuffed to make this far.  I was overcome with a feeling that life was going to change and with a lifetime of lessons gently boxed away in the attic of my mind, I […]

  • Divalishous

    HONOURING THE ORGASMIC WOMAN WITHIN! There is a woman that stands before you; this woman believes it is a blessing to be a woman – whole and at peace within herself. Honouring her experiences, she tells her stories taking responsibility for who she is and what she stands for. A woman, who acknowledges the past, […]