The Reality Of Sex

It is so easy to loose ourselves in life.  So having plenty of time to ponder life’s big questions, one keeps coming up and one I asm asked to comment on regularly, particularly in the media hype, so here are my thoughts on SEX… The emphasis on sex, in our society, whether sex is put […]

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Finding Joy In Separation

There are times in life where you simply need to let out a big sigh and remind yourself why you are a partner, lover, friend and parent, and that would be because we enjoy it, RIGHT? I have felt like I have been pulled from pillar to post and somewhere in-between, and there is nothing […]

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Complete Surrender…. “My heart aches for that which I have not touched today. My soul is guiding me, but I cannot hear the words it is saying. I am clouded in this longing for love within myself, but it is You I crave. As we meet, I hunger for the Intimacy I have shared. My […]

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