Choosing a partner is done unconsciously and we choose to go into a relationship for the most part, it is based on our insecurities and fears that fuel the desire to be with someone. In doing so, we ignore or miss the signs that will eventually cause a couple to separate.

Without choosing to love purposefully, you will continue to replicate suffering in the relationships you share.

There are many aspects to sharing a conscious relationship, but none more profound than the opportunity to open your heart to being vulnerable.  I believe that any relationship you share, if you are willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, you give yourself and your partner the grace to evolve and grow together in sacred union.

If you feel that your relationship is at the crossroads and it’s in need of direction, then it is time to ask for guidance.

There are four stages your relationship can go through, when it is in a suffering state of being, before it moves into what I call “The Loveless Lockdown.” This is where you both shut down and lock all your emotional and physical doors too feeling and experiencing love.  It is where your relationship begins to scream out for attention and the love you once felt has disguised itself in;





You are disconnected from yourself and your partner, and you feel a sense of hopelessness for the love you once shared with each other.

It’s okay, you are in a safe place. I know it can be scary when there is uncertainty, but you are not alone in this journey.

When you let go of the illusion of what you believe love should be or should look like, you let go of any expectations you’ve placed on the relationship and in doing so you let go of any suffering you are experiencing.

In the desire to reconnect and find peace, you first need to understand why you are experiencing pain, where it manifested, and how it was created.  Through changing the way we perceive love should be, you learn to love through compassion, kindness and acceptance.  It is in acceptance you see into the heart of your partner and connect deeply with each other and begin to truly understand the way of love and how you both choose to experience it.  I would love to be your Intuitive Guide, assisting you both in returning home to love.

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I only have limited spaces available for calls. The Couples I select to work with are the ones I believe that I can help.

To give you a stellar session, please be willing to share, but more importantly you need to be okay with feeling uncomfortable because your desire to fall in-love again is your priority.

If you are willing to look deep—sometimes into the hard or uncomfortable patterns—to develop new perspectives; if you are ready to invest in yourself with the dedication to bring forth a tangible change in your life, then coaching may be just the catalyst for you both.

I offer a free consultation that gives us both an opportunity to evaluate if coaching is the right fit at this time. During this assessment, I will ask questions to gain a better understanding of your needs, and you will get the chance to ask me any questions you might have. It is an exploratory session for the both of us, and if afterward, you decide that coaching is not for you, you will not be pressured.  Are you ready to make a profound change?

You don’t have to do this alone.

Of course your personal information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. You can rest in knowing that my lips are sealed.

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