Women over time have been stereotyped and put in a box by applying double standards and misogynistic beliefs from a need to control what we don’t understand, or what we don’t want to accept.

Prior to the implementation of religion, women were revered as healers, nurturers, and teachers. They were sacred to the growth of humanity and bestowers of unconditional love to all mankind. They were held in high esteem as counsel to those that sort their wisdom as High Priestesses, the Archetypal Goddess. They were know as Sexual healers and Sacred Prostitutes.

The word Prostitute, Slut, Whore and so on can open up Pandora’s box for so many. In fact anything to do with sex, sexuality can incite fear.

It makes sense that over the centuries through the need to control, we continue to demoralise and dehumanise women.
It has been documented that men would return from the war but before making their way home to their families, they would see a Temple Priestess to be healed from the emotional scars of war. This was done through sexual healing and the giving of unconditional love.

Mary Magdalene was one such woman, we all know as a Sacred Prostitute, a sexual healer and a giver of light.

I am asking you to look at your perceptions around sex and the women that give of themselves without conditions.
Without a temple or a continuing lineage, the contemporary Sacred Prostitute, Sexual Healer has many faces in society.

She may be a Porn Star, a Prostitute, a Sex Surrogate, the Meditation Teacher, the Artist, the Masseuse, the Dancer, the Firewoman, the Nurse, the Mother, your Friend.

She could be You…

She is definitely Me…

There have been many times over the years that I have sat in conversation with people, witnessing their judgment toward those who work in the Adult Industry, where their opinions are misogynistic and you can tell that their beliefs stem from the double standards that exist in society that have been passed down generationally throughout history.

So where are your beliefs?

How many of you have had a one night stand, or several, maybe even 100’s?

How many of you were so intoxicated that you don’t even remember who you went home with?

Was it memorable sex?

Did you practice safe sex?

Did you feel great the next morning?

For some, the one night stand is more about filling the need to be loved and accepted. We are so disconnected from who we are, we believe that another person will connect us to the missing parts of ourselves that we cannot love. For a moment we will feel that we matter or we are worthy of love.

In this way, we unconsciously spend years disrespecting ourselves and in the process, gain a reputation with our peers as a Slut or a Whore.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man who hates women as much as women hate each other, we have to stop crucifying those who choose to live authentically in their sexuality.

There is a piece of her within you, whether you are man or woman, we have all at one point in our life shamed ourselves, our friends, even strangers for our sexual choices.

There is no such thing as a slut, whore or bitch, yet we continue to condemn others for being multifaceted.

We should never apologise for being who we are.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this with you – well it is to be authentically me, in my new book scheduled for release later this year.

You see I AM A SLUT, a Promiscuous Woman, a Harlot, a Whore.

You may stand in judgement of me as I share this with you, purely by the wording I have used. Yet you do not know my story, or my journey and if my language makes you uncomfortable, then I encourage you to move past the cover of what you think you see, because it is my truth that is told not your perception of me.

“Your Culture Does Not Own Your Sexuality”.