A Love Letter To Suzie…

An Exert…

In this time of celebration I would like you to know how divinely special you are. 

You are a seasoned adventurer of life who has incredible courage and commitment to the things you are deeply passionate about.

A creatrix of magic and a lover of stories held in the lines, shapes and colours of buildings, textures, history and the land they reside upon.

You’ve journeyed down cobblestones and pathways to many souls if only to share and inspire others to find wonderment in the uniqueness of life and all its offerings.

You have the wisdom of sages past and it is imperative that you share this knowledge so that others may step into their hearts calling and go forth as the new breed of change makers this world needs.

You colour the palettes of people with hope, joy and love helping them remember their child like essence of expression.

You are a magician of laughter so others can connect to their core of beingness and remember their divinity and that life is for living.

You are the fairy dust to another’s broken parts so they may have the courage to step into their life with a courageous heart.

You help others realise that all things are possible, even when the road has become a little rough.

You have the tenacity to move mountains and the the knowing to float through turbulent seas, because of your willingness to be true to you and what it is you are here to achieve.

You have gifts to share with all who cross your path, no matter how great or small, it is a blessing to this earth.

You are needed, and you are divinely supported, remember and connect to your inner sanctum of greatness and be the channel of grace that source needs you to be, so they may work through you to inspire the change needed, so others may shine their light alongside of you.

Much Love from Me your Soul

A Love Letter To Jenaya…

An Exert…

To my beloved child, my heart is yours.  Go out and open doors, with your love, with your faith, with your compassion, with your grace. You are the light of the world, beloved child go out spread light to the world.  Be strong, be kind, be brave – know you are mine, know you are divine, know its alright to be afraid.  Know you are love, dream your sweet dreams my child.

“Every morning you wake up to a new day, remember you already have everything you need.”

You are a divine, holy, sacred goddess, who is worthy of so much love, joy and prosperity, please do not accept or settle for anything less.

It is time my sweet beautiful beloved child, to embody the gorgeous soulful woman you have become, she lays inside of you, it is time to shine.  Shine so brightly and share your message with the world, so others may shine their light too.

Do not shrink yourself to fit in with others, do not diminish your light, just know that when you allow yourself to radiate love, kindness, courage, strength, compassion, honesty, hope, faith, trust, joy and success, you give permission or others to do the same.

You are not the words of others.

You are not the mistakes of others.

You are not the beliefs of others.

You are not the actions of others.

You are not the opinions of others.

You are not the ideas of others.

You are not the consequences of others.

Your responsibility in this life is to own and embrace your own truth, your own beauty, but more importantly…EMBRACE YOUR LIFE and live it. 

You only get this life to live.

Every morning remember you get another chance, another opportunity to do you, don’t waste it.

Our only failure as humans in this life, is when we fail to try.

I love you, sweet Beloved Child of Mine