Connecting With Your Soul mate

heart on old handwritten letterWe are all longing to connect, and as we place importance on connecting with that special someone, we fill a temporary space in our hearts until we realise that the soul we long to connect with is our own. The most important relationship you can have is with yourself. I know this sounds awfully cliché, but the reality is that there is truth in it.

I always get asked the question, when will I find my soul mate? We place so much emphasis on finding the perfect partner, that when we finally do, we realise that they are not so perfect after all. Is that because they reflect back to us, our own imperfections, or have we placed conditions on the relationship, whilst we still long for unconditional love?

From the moment we come into this world, we have relied on others to love and accept us unconditionally. This kind of love is what we continue to seek as we grow through our lives. It is ironic isn’t it, that this simple need in us all can give us such wonderful moments of bliss, yet can create an emotional roller-coaster when our expectations we place on our partners and ourselves are not been met.

It is these expectations we have of others, to fulfil our own need for love, that turn our fantasy of what we want to believe, into the reality of what actually is….Our own lack of self love and the little or no self worth we have for our own uniqueness, which creates the emotional waves of disappointment in most relationships.

Whatever it is, there is some part in us all that is still looking for a perfect partner. Every relationship we share with another is connecting with your soul mate at that time in your life. Or maybe we still want the fairytale ending and to be swept off our feet from our very own prince or princess? But all that means is that we have just found another label for our perfect mate.

I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, and your partner is not perfect, so stop arguing with what is not perfect in your relationship and allow it to be what it needs to be and lovingly is.

Your partner is there to assist you in finding your own pathway to spiritual bliss and you achieve this when you look deep within and connect with your soul forming a wonderful mateship with him or her.

When we truly connect with another, we can become one with each other and work in harmony, lovingly supporting ourselves and our beloved on their journey, our hearts open in awareness together and all the little imperfections that we are presented with give us the opportunity to awaken ourselves to the incredible person that we truly are.

That is when you realise that you have a beautiful relationship with your soul and that you can lovingly give without condition to your mate.

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