Hot Monogamy

iStock_000044148088_FullCreating a passionate marriage with purpose….

“Passion lights the fire in our souls, just being in the presence of your partner and you feel suddenly happy, being together and you feel ecstatic.  Your partner fulfills something deep within, your heart starts to sing and you fall into harmony, knowing that somebody, somehow completes you.”

Finding opportunities within your relationship to express the love you share gives you a blank canvas to create the passionate marriage you desire.

You are not born knowing how to have intimate relations, you must learn, just as a painter learns to create a masterpiece, with time, patience and practice, you can master your marriage and keep the embers burning brightly and hot monogamy well and truly alive in the bedroom with a few simple tips.

Creating time to share intimate moments together where you can communicate your needs is imperative to establishing and maintaining passion. Take the time to learn about each others needs, listen to how your partner is expressing themselves and most importantly make a habit of giving and receiving to each other, especially in the bedroom.  Communication will unlock the door to having an open and honest relationship that ultimately builds trust so you can surrender into love-making, which creates passion long after the lights go out.

Women love directly from the heart and men love physically, so guys a little note to remember when you want to make love, foreplay is imperative to the process, take your time to explore her body, pleasuring her is of the utmost importance so she completely relaxes into you, compliment her, reassure her and validate her and allow her the grace to open like a flower in full bloom giving of her body and honouring you by receiving your love.

Girls, remember that your man is a loving, caring and considerate partner who wants to express how much he desires you how much he loves you, and how important you are to him.  Verbally expressing this may be a little difficult at times so his natural basic instinct is to express his love physically. As he responds to your emotional and physical needs, validate his worth as the man you love, and adore with a cuddle, a kiss or some cheeky foreplay.

Honour each other, give to each other without expectation for something in return, this is loving unconditionally, and always be grateful for the wonderful person that shares your life.

A basic human need is to be touched, another is expression, make them a priority in your marriage, give it purpose and you will always have passion.  Laying the foundation for intimacy is like gardening…..Tend to the soil, plant the seeds, feed, water and nurture so you can truly enjoy your garden of Eden that you both can share.

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