The Five Senses of Sensuality

Beautiful young woman on white dress floating in lake, relaxing body and mind.Take a deep breathe in, close your eyes and let go.  Imagine that you are been bathed in the senses of love. You can feel it caress your skin, how the sensations touch your body and dance with you. You have never experienced anything like it before, music is playing softly in the background and you have lost yourself to a magical place.  All you can see is beauty, the luxury of life surrounds you, as you are fed exotic foods and your taste buds are tingling as they connect to every mouthful.  You completely surrender into this heavenly place your senses are aroused with a divine scent of sweet orange, lemon, geranium and jasmine and you realise you have awakened your sensuality and all that you desire for yourself is within you.

The richness of life that we seek is the true manifestation of our hearts deepest desires. We are surrounded by magnificence, the lavishness, wealth, affluence and yet we elude ourselves to believe that there is a part of us that does not deserve to have that which we want.  The senses of life, which we use everyday without really being present are an important part of our innate sexual energy that when used can assist us in creating and manifesting all the richness that surrounds us. 

Sexual energy is the core of creation, I believe it to be our epee center of life and when tapped into is our powerhouse to create.  Too often this energy is withheld in the body laying stagnant, through our beliefs, fears and perceptions that over time we have denied ourselves to feel into our pleasure spot. When we do have the experience of divine pleasure the sensations that move through our body allow us to feel incredible, and for a moment you surrender into your sexual core where anything is possible and your ego is free from all expectation you hold of yourself.

What if you could hold onto your sensual energy, the sexual core of your being everyday and tap into it when and wherever you need too.  Imagine for moment that you were living in that powerhouse creating and manifesting your magnificence. Well you can, you see the world that surrounds you is quite simply what you have created for yourself, ask yourself what do you truly desire for your world? How do you want to feel everyday of your life?

I’m right there with you and it is incredible, the first step is to believe you can have it and it is your birthright to be living in the abundance of life. One of my favourite mantras is “Infinite Spirit open the way to great abundance for me, as I am an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right” by Florence Scovel Shinn – The Game of Life.  I use this everyday and I embrace the magic that engages my world and what I truly desire for myself.  I tap into my senses and embrace the beauty that is before me and always remember that everything I see, feel, taste, touch and hear is aligning my sexual energy, and if I can already feel into the presence of my sensuality through my senses then I have already created it.

All the wealth, richness, opulence of life is before you, are you ready to receive what is yours?  The life you live is incredible and at any moment it can change.  How will you embrace your magnificence?

I know that you are brilliant and it is time to create your brilliant life.

My personal journey led me to a point of change and instead of living as a victim to my circumstance I asked myself the question.  If I achieved what I truly desired for myself today, who would I be? I would be brilliant, but the best part is, that I would be me.

Let’s face it there’s is no place I would rather be.

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