Show me a woman who can be with a man in real fear, shame and vulnerability and completely give in presence to him and that’s a woman who has done the work and doesn’t derive her belonging from him.  Show me a man who can be with a woman and not fix anything and just listen and I’ll show you a guy who’s done the work and doesn’t derive his belonging from her. Brene Brown.

The coaching relationship I share with with my clients, is unique, powerful and life changing. I know from my own personal journey, making a conscious choice to heal past paradigms that have held you back takes commitment and when we put ourselves first by saying YES to change, we allow the magic to unfold and miracles begin to happen.  

You are what you believe in every aspect of your life…Isn’t time you believed in yourself enough to show up and say YES to more joy, love and intimacy?

I offer a personal specialised style of transformational coaching, whether that is through my 1:1 Programs, Sacred Gatherings, Divalishous Play-shops or my Immersions and Retreats, there is a starting point for everyone.

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