Sex and Relationship coaching is for both women and men who want to have an extraordinary connection, the experience of deep and profound love coupled with life changing intimacy.

The space I offer is drawn from my experience as a Sexologist, Sexual Shaman, Tantrica, Coach and Counsellor, plus my life experiences.  I have spent over 30 years studying the art of intimacy and relationships and every session is unique to the individual or couple.


There are many positives working with a Coach so you can experience the fullness of love and sex.

I specialise in helping you in the following areas:)

  • Consciously navigating relationships, so you can understand, heal and fall in-love again.
  • Healing the paradigms of fear that have held you back from opening and receiving.
  • Reigniting sexual arousal and connection.
  • Conscious uncoupling and ending toxic relationships.
  • Tantric practices.
  • Life transitions.
  • Sexual healing.
  • Self pleasure and body awareness.
  • Sexuality, connecting with who you really are as a unique sexual being.
  • Compassionate communication skills.
  • Creating a sacred relationship vision.
  • Exploring alternate sexual experiences and relationships.
  • Building self esteem as a single woman or man.
  • Consciously dating.

The 1:1 coaching experience I offer my clients is unique and life transforming.

I work with individuals and couples who have said yes to themselves and each other and are committed to learn, change and grow.  The coaching process is not meant to be easy, I wish it was, but anything worthwhile is definitely worth achieving and in order to reach the outcome we desire, we have to trust in the journey, even if the road gets a little bumpy along the way.

There are two options available to work with me, where I offer three or six month packages, which gives you the best chance for success.

When you choose to work with me you have access to me outside of our scheduled times with email and phone support when needed.

There is no pressure to begin this journey, you only need a willingness to change, and an open heart.

I would encourage to reach out and connect for an obligation free 30 minute session.  All you have to do is either fill in the contact form below or call me directly on 0401083232