Divalishous is the quintessential playshop for the modern, divine, holy, sacred woman.  It is an opportunity for you and your friends to honour every aspect of your feminine essence. Celebrate your sensuality and embrace your sexiness. I believe every woman deserves this.

There is a woman that stands before you; this woman believes it is a blessing to be a woman – whole and at peace within herself. 

Honouring her experiences, she tells her stories taking responsibility for who she is and what she stands for. A woman, who acknowledges the past, lives in the moment and who is excited about her future. 

This woman is in love with her body and believes she is worthy. She celebrates her shape and accepts her body as an exquisite resource for the mind and soul. 

This is a woman who embraces her sexuality, exploring her erotic sensitivities and rhythms, moving with the ebb and flow of pleasuring herself. She knows she is divine and is the reflection of all she creates, designing her own spirituality.

A woman who is the author of her own life, knowing each moment is a true manifestationof her desires; a woman who chooses friends and lovers that respect her. 

A woman that as a child, daughter, sister, lover, partner, wife, and mother, knows that the true essence of who she is moves deeply within the core of her beliefs. 

This woman is an incredible, uniquely talented woman, with something very special to give – “HERSELF”. This woman is YOU! 

As women we are: 

Divine – Incredible – Vivacious – Artistic – Loveable – Inspiring 

Sensitive – Humble – Open – Unique – Sensual. 

It is time to tap into your DIVA SENSUAL SOURCE and put the sexy back into your life.

We don’t lose our sexiness, our sensual selves or our confidence. We give it away! In our day to day lives as women, we wear a multitude of hats and the roles we play strip us of our very core, because we are naturally and universally nurturers, teachers and lovers of the world, giving without question, until the very energy you draw from, depletes.

We disconnect from ourselves and we become empty and void of love. It does not matter where you have come  from or what you have experienced. 

All that needs to concern you is where you are right now and what you are going to do to honour your dreams, desires and passions so you can start to believe in yourself. 

The greatest gift you can give to all the incredible women that share your life is to allow them to witness you accepting yourself and loving who you are. 

In loving yourself you become a representation to all women, of what can be achieved when you make the decision to live the life you desire – where you accept that there is no other option than to live a brilliant life and where honouring the orgasmic woman within is the only belief you need. 

You are so worthy, you deserve to connect to the epicentre of your Passion – Pleasure – Purpose.

Passion, intimacy and sensual connection are vital ingredients in sustaining a happy life.  Divalishous in conjunction with The Art Of Intimacy and Sacred Pleasures are dedicated to enriching the lives of women through education, inspiration and community, providing a informative and fun play-shop where women can ask any question around sex, love and relationships that they’ve always want to ask, see and touch a wide range of exceptional body friendly products and discover a wealth of resources to help on your sensual journey.

Enlightening – Fun – Empowering

Indulge your senses and open your inquisitive mind as you are educated on all that is divine, holy, sensual and sacred. 

Opening yourself up to your pleasure centre is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  

It is the life force energy your body, mind needs to live joyfully, where you realise that it’s not important whether you are in a relationship or not, your birthright as a goddess is to truly experience pleasure in every aspect of your life.

A Divalishous Play-shop is for every woman who longs to step into their sensual power and live with pleasure and purpose.

It’s time to get your besties together to host an evening full of joy and experiences worth having.

They are beautiful wake-up call. 

It is a reclamation, in a world that desperately requires the divine feminine to rise up. 

Learn the secret ingredients missing in sensual pleasure and how to crack the confidence code; why sex appeal is an inside job.

Are you ready to get earthy and erudite, passionately argued and laugh-out-loud funny?  I know I am.

It’s a call for women to tune in, get turned on, but live more richly, fully, and lusciously.

Hosting a Divalishous Play-Shop gives you and those close to you the opportunity to learn and grow as you tap into your own sensual source and open yourself up to living a life with more sexual expression, love, creativity and joy.  

While leaning all about SEX, LOVE and INTIMACY.

Divalishous Play-shops offer you the freedom to discover who you are and want you want sexually, introduced through intimate couch conversations that I love sharing with you are your friends.

Divalishous Play-shops

Are offered as either an in-home circle or a virtual circle for your convenience and peace of mind.   If you would like to find out more about this holy, sacred and divine play-shops, reach out to Mel via the contact form.

Sacred Pleasures is the home of natural, chemical free, hypoallergenic intimate toys.  Our aim is to provide you with outstanding products that move beyond the realm of sensual pleasures and give you peace of mind for your body.

We believe anything you put in your body should be as close to a natural organic state as possible.  In other words, if you cannot have the real thing, then Sacred Pleasure Intimate Accessories are definitely the next best thing.

These events are sacred and held with the highest intention for all participants and in sharing this with you, there is a small exchange to honour the process of $49.

To register your interest for the next Divalishous Virtual Soiree click on the link below.  

Tell your girlfriends, have your vino and nibbles ready and enjoy.

Yours in love, life and connection,