Welcome to “The Art Of Sacred Pleasure.”

Kama – means “desire, wish, longing” in Hindu and Buddhist literature. Kama is a longing, but more broadly refers to any desire, wish, passion or pleasure you may have. It is the enjoyment of life, the feelings of affection or love. It is the opening of the heart to allow the body and mind the freedom to feel sexual enjoyment and erotic desire originating from its purest form.

It is life force energy, it is breath.

Sensual Pleasures is the home of very sensual Crystal Intimacy Accessories. Our aim is to provide you with exceptional products, that not only move beyond the realm of pleasure, but are safe for your body, giving you peace of mind.

We favour either natural materials or Chemical Free Plastics. We believe that anything you put in your body should be close to Mother Nature .

Sensual Pleasure is a space to learn, understand, honour and appreciate your sexuality and to accept and love your own sensuality. It is a community for those who wish to develop practices, which allow you to relax more deeply into a daily practice of love, sex and intimacy.

Through sexual play, you will become aware of your inner lover and what he or she needs and learn to have love fulfilled sustaining relationships in an empowered way.

These beautiful sex toys bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.  They are created with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide. Crystals have perfect molecular structures that have positive effects on our electro-magnetic fields. When our energetic bodies are at ease, we are at ease, we are open to healing, to peace, to love, to all of life’s pleasures. We are in a time of the Divine Feminine where we need to cultivate reverence for ourselves and turn ourselves on in a way that awakens us and gives us a renewed sense of self-awareness and wisdom, but more importantly honour the sacred within so we can truly enjoy pleasure and deny it.

We believe that by purchasing one of our holy, divine sacred toys, you are telling the universe you are ready to explore what it means to be activated by your own sensual body.

Why Are Sensual Pleasure Crystal Sex Toys So Incredible?

  • They are body-safe, made from the earth, and provided with love.
  • Sensitizes you so you may feel tingles from even the slightest, sensual touch.
  • Create harmony in mind, body, spirit.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Extracts repressed emotions.
  • Removes blocks caused by sexual trauma.
  • Creates deeper intimacy with the self and with your partner.
  • Encourages self-awareness and mindfulness.
  • Sets the tone for you to create your own intentions of wellness.

We all carry the ability to expand our awareness and evolve neverendingly towards greater happiness and ease. Crystals have been utilised for thousands of years with ancient knowledge and they are there to assist us with getting in touch with these spiritual ideas and practices, so we may connect deeply with ourselves.

If you would like to discover more about these incredible toys, then reach out and connect with me. There are several ways you can purchase from us and they are via our Store, organise a “Divalishous” Gathering, or arrange to have a Heart to Heart chat, so I can guide you.


If you would like to find out more about my Divalishous gatherings, please fill out the form and I will be in touch within 24 hours to chat further with you about this wonderful experience.