The Reality Of Sex

It is so easy to loose ourselves in life.  So having plenty of time to ponder life’s big questions, one keeps coming up and one I asm asked to comment on regularly, particularly in the media hype, so here are my thoughts on SEX… The emphasis on sex, in our society, whether sex is put […]

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Why Women Close Their Legs

And Men Have Affairs… OK, before everyone starts jumping up and down and throwing their hands in the air in anger at the title of this post, let me just point out that yes, men close their legs and women have affairs too! Whether we like it or not, women and men are on a […]

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Finding Joy In Separation

There are times in life where you simply need to let out a big sigh and remind yourself why you are a partner, lover, friend and parent, and that would be because we enjoy it, RIGHT? I have felt like I have been pulled from pillar to post and somewhere in-between, and there is nothing […]

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