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"A room without books is like a body without a soul." Marcus Tullius Cicero

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The Accidental Sl*t (a story of sex, abuse and self discovery...

“It is in the face of unspeakable adversity that you have a choice to rise or fall. Sometimes those decisions are unconscious, leading you on a path to heal the wounds of your past, so wisdom can prevail. It is there you will find yourself, gifting you the courage to forgive and the undeniable will to survive. It is then that you realise to merely exist is not an option, and it is where you immerse yourself in the healing power of love, so you have the unfathomable grace to to live – The Accidental Sl*t

Why is this book so important?

There is no doubt that MEL COOPER, a Relationship Counsellor, Coach, Sex Educator, Ordained Minister, Creatrix, and Former Adult Industry Worker has lived a life less ordinary.

Her life of unexpected dualities shines a light on the many subconscious dogmas we carry with us every day.

Mel has lived many lifetimes at once, where the judgment, bullying and assaults inflicted on her as a child and young woman lead to a lifelong quest to find out what it means to love and be loved; where being the subject of evolving endless labels and resulting lack of self-respect has led to an entrenched inner belief and strength.

Life changing traumatic events that led an already lost and confused girl down some dark paths and others that were unexpectedly fulfilling.

Trying to find herself in a world where society didn’t understand or accept her.


Living a life filled with judgement, prejudice and stereotypes while also being plagued with misogyny in a patriarchal society. Even in the 21st century, we are made to feel “less than” and in order to achieve we need to prostitute ourselves, whether that is in work, relationships and life.  This equates to:-

Sexual repression, creative repression, self repression!

Rising victorious to full acceptance of who she is as a woman, mother, sister and friend.



This Book Will...

Taking readers on the unusual journey through the eyes of someone who was torn between the quest to be spiritual versus working in the adult industry. Challenge your beliefs of what it means to be a sl*t.

Give insight into how sexual and physical abuse impacts a person and how this trauma evolves from childhood to adulthood.

A book that cuts to the core of many things facing women and men in society; sexuality, the desire to be loved, abuse, feeling isolated, finding spirituality, battling against misogyny and judgment.

Living a life unlike any other, Mel has remained steadfast in her willingness to go her own way. This has led her down many interesting paths, and along those paths, she has encountered challenges, difficulties, and lessons – the most valuable and intriguing of which she is now collecting into a single, captivating book, 

The Accidental Sl*t. 

Mel takes you on a journey as she presents a sincere and unflinching look at her experiences. Despite the uniqueness of these experiences, she is gifted with such an honest and forthright character and tone that they seem relatable when she talks about them.

Whether she is explaining how she entered ministry or relating to an instance of abuse and trauma that she survived, readers will find themselves drawn into the narrative, immersed in the perspective that she is offering and the truths that she is speaking, so clearly and so directly, something that is unfortunately often missing in discussions of these topics otherwise.

At the centre of our era’s defining times and places, including the sex industry and the search for spirituality in a tech saturated wold, Mel is writing a book that is filled with duality just as her life is.

For anyone who has looked at the statistics, for anyone who sees systemic misogyny and yet struggles to understand it fully, Mel is presenting a comprehensive worldview alongside a lifetime of insights.  Known to some as “Reverend Madame Mel,” she aims to leave you feeling like you have found a friend, like you have learned something about the world, and like you have come to know yourself a little better.  These are the lofty goals that she is setting for The Accidental Sl*t, and now she would love for you to be a part of it.

Never before has a future bestselling book revealed the life of someone who has experienced several lifetimes all rolled into one. From sexual abuse, bullying, to working in the sex industry, becoming an ordained spiritual minister, all while trying to discover who she truly is and to be honest there is no one quite like Mel.

Get a glimpse behind the veil of the adult industry to show that the stereotypes which mainstream society has placed around the types of people working as prostitutes and their clientele are completely wrong.

This book will show you how spirituality can guide you through life – no matter what the higher power may be – and you can live your life however you choose.

The Accidental Sl*t will highlight the light and dark in all of us, it’s about how you navigate the delicate balance.

The world needs this book, please help us to make it a reality.


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This is your chance to help bring this life changing book to fruition and be a part of something truly special.

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