It is so easy to loose ourselves in life.  So having plenty of time to ponder life’s big questions, one keeps coming up and one I asm asked to comment on regularly, particularly in the media hype, so here are my thoughts on SEX…

The emphasis on sex, in our society, whether sex is put in a negative light or a positive light is an attempt to fill a vast emptiness in the hearts of each of us.  What people really want is connection, love and a sense of belonging, which is the ultimate interpersonal gift.  Don’t misunderstand me, sex is a gift too, but the wrapping makes all the difference.

When the gift of sex is wrapped in love there is no problem of sex, so where is the problem?  Well actually there is no problem except our own personal judgements about sex.  So what can sex solve?

Realistically the healing power of sex is LOVE in ACTION.  Sex is neither a question or the answer, but needs to be perceived as a gift, just like the gift of life itself.

The emphasis on sex is by default.  When the door to the heart is rusted and shut from lack of use, you get stuck, in spite of what others say, giving,  receiving and being in presence with each other is the only truth.

People look and look and look until they find themselves, then they realised that the love they are seeking is right in front of them.  The image of sex which was moulded to meet their needs is now seen with clarity.

Sex is beautiful, but its beauty is drawn from the same source as the sunrise, sunset, flowers, ocean, mountains, birth and death.

Sex can elevate you to source energy, but first you must forget to use sex and let sex move through you.  You must forget to think about sex and let sex embody you.  You must forget to hold onto sex and let sex embrace you, for sex is none other than life itself.  Good sex is one thing, but leaving the raft of thought and diving into a pure ocean of sensation, swimming in a sea of self loss is quite another.

Many centuries ago we took a wrong turn and sex became a convenient scapegoat.  It is considered so difficult to feel love and so easy to feel sex.  Now is the time to get back on the road that leads to happiness.  By suppressing our natural urges and denying the positive power to express love, violence is created.

Anti sex is anti life…

Let us be sex positive and learn to love fully and whole heartedly and in this miraculous process peace will prevail and love will find its way back into our hearts.