Hello Beautiful Souls!

You maybe aware by now that I have built my practice on the foundation of my formal education in Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy incorporating practices such as Buddhism and Tantra with over 30 years experience. Mix that with a Doctorate in Spiritual Ministry and Sexual Shamanism, and Advanced Diploma’s in Counselling and Life Coaching, and these are all instrumental in bringing you the gatherings I offer to open your heart, awaken the inquisitive mind and arouse your senses.

These Are The Gatherings I Facilitate…

Tantric Massage

Conscious Coupling

Conscious Uncoupling

Sacred Sex + Divine Union

The Fine Art Of Erotic Talk

Buddha In The Bedroom

Sacred Menopause


Next Workshop

Let’s Talk About SEX

Sunday 2nd Decemberat 2pm

In this two hour workshop, you will learn all about sex.  Let’s talk about it physically and emotionally and how to honour your beloved in every way. You will learn one of the most important aspects of Tantra, that which is honouring through pleasure. Through these practices you will learn how to it is important to fully see yourself and your partner as one. To understand that sexuality is first a matter of energy, pure and organic. Often we overlay our experience of each other and our sexuality with layers of programming, guilt, shame and fear. In the practice of honouring your beloved you connect to the movement of life, which is Tantra.

“Tantra is not about technique it is about prayer. Is not head oriented but a relaxation into the heart. Many books have been written on the technique of Tantra, but the real Tantra has nothing to do with technique. The real Tantra cannot be written about, the real Tantra has to be experienced. How do we experience real Tantra? Begin by transforming your whole approach.”

My workshops are free of judgement and ego, the space that is held for you, is one of open hearted love and support, where participants are encouraged to connect, but definitely not a requirement. Just bring you, your beloved if you have one, friends are welcome, or come along on your own. The Sacred Sessions are perfect for couples, individuals and friends looking to open up to the Divine and Sacred within.

Intimacy gives to us the gift of vulnerability.

There Is An Energetic Investment

To attend my workshops there is a small energetic investment and this is determined by the length of the workshop. The exchange is necessary to affirm your intention that you are committed to opening yourself up to new ways of experiencing love.

I have alchemized all my learnings in Tantra and Sacred Sex, including my education as a Sex Therapist and Counselor to bring together these life changing modalities.

Honouring Your Beloved

The Goal

Learning to hold space means we extend, expand, spread and weave energies with each other. The idea is to extend your mind and encompass your body to achieve the ultimate satisfaction. In the practices I facilitate, there is a sort of “being-consciousness-bliss” which has the power of self-evolution and self-involution (learning and expanding and looking into oneself). Therefore, the evolution of self helps to bring two people together. 

Be prepared to leave your ego at the door or on the table. Karma will determine your experience and the energy will guide you. All valid spiritual practice takes one in the direction of awakening to Oneness, and Sexuality which feeds the ego in any way only creates separation and this simply isn’t welcome in your house of Love.

Go With Your Gut

If you would like to learn, then I would love to assist you in connecting to the divine path you can weave together so you can experience Sacred Love. Yes, it does require a commitment. Firstly, to each other and a willingness to open and clear all that inhibits you from truly experiencing profound love. 

If you’re looking for a teacher/coach to help you evolve your relationship into one that is divine, holy and sacred, then I invite you to drop into your gut and feel into what it is that you truly need right now. If a workshop is the answer, and you are resonating with my approach, then I would direct you to book in. But first, so we can get to know each other a little better and to help you make the decision that is best for you, I welcome you to book in an obligation free chat, so we can determine what workshop is best for you and we can go from there.

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